Saturday, November 19, 2005


i know i shouldn't be blogging so often as i'm facing my exams now...but because i juz had my breakfast and it's not healthy to go shower right after a meal, so i'll juz come here and let out a lil

hmmm...5 more subjects to go!! and i'm gonna do whatever i want! lol...not exactly WHATEVER

random stuff (things i wanna do after spm and things i like/dislike)

  1. i'm gonna get contact lenses!!
  2. gonna catch harry potter and the GOF (although i heard that even small details they failed to follow the book eg. the colour of the robes) oh well, juz wanna go watch, that's all...can't expect too much from it though...
  3. throw away all my useless books (such as chinese? and ermmm malay?)
  4. keep long hair!! (this is a sure hair is growing quite long d now...)
  5. i dislike ppl 'whatever'ing in my fact, i hate it...i juz try to restrict myself from exploding
  6. i hate ppl poking my annoying
  7. i hate ppl 'body-glove'ing me...
  8. i love laughing until my sides or my cheeks hurt
  9. i love daydreaming
  10. i love staring blankly into space
  11. i love sitting in the living room, flipping through astro channels all day!
  12. i'm so gonna hang out with my friends after spm...
  13. i hate ppl not taking me seriously when i really need them to...
  14. oh!! i'm gonna rent loads and loads of korean drama series to watch after spm =D
  15. i'll be dreading to receive news on which batch (NS) i'm going to =(
  16. i'm gonna look for a part-time job so that i can buy a handphone! hehe...see first much stuff to do...

i think my comp's going keeps making this weird noise i'm so afraid it will!! (later as in...a few days later =P)


kryptos said...

#3 if there happens to be a thick haze after stpm, dun worry... it probably comes my bonfire... burning away all the notes!

#6 lol! i love poking at ppl's sides but i hate being poked!

#9 daydreaming... i suppose everyone enjoys it!

#10 i always do that in class... i call it "meditation". the trick is to frown a little so as to fool ppl into believing u're in "deep contemplation". haha!

#11 i'm not going to miss a single episode of House, Numb3rs, CSI, Ghost Hunters, Mythbusters... anymore to add to d list? yeah, and stargate atlantis! though i'm not sure which channel and what time it is aired... :(

#12 ah, i dun hv to worry about where to go, what to do, what movies to watch... tst has it arranged! ;P

Lin Whatever! said...

WAH! haha...never thought anyone would visit my blog during exam period...

keke...#11 i'm gonna watch ALL the comedies aired on channel 70! mever fail to cheer me up =D

oh?! u hang out with tst wan meh?? *surprised* i sometimes 'hang around' with him too...but sometimes i feel really out of place...cause i'm the youngest =P

kryptos said...

well, i'm his regular hiking companion. you know, nobody wants to join him cos he prefers to jog up the hill like a maniac.

he asks me along for the movies cos he needs to hv enough players for a game (no, more than one game, to be precise) of dota.

and, haha! i finally persuaded him to accompany me to watch emily rose!

Lin Whatever! said...


haha...that's great!! but *whispers* i thought he's afraid of horror movies too?? =D

kryptos said...

yeah, he IS afraid! so i've to make it a quid pro quo. I'll play dota with him, IF he watches d movie with me. LOL!

Lin Whatever! said...

OH! LOL!! no wonder la...he got freaked out by one of the scenes in The Grudge...keke~