Friday, November 18, 2005


hehe...u can call me wu liao...i visited and i came across this ad looking for models between the ages of 14-22 (females)...then my heart nearly stopped beating when i saw THIS -> no height restrictions...!!! i couldn't believe my eyes...but as i expected, only for residents of Connecticut, Colorado, Vermant, Maryland, North Dakota and Puerto Rico...

*sigh* there goes my chance =D in case u're wondering if i wanna make a living by modelling...u're so wrong! haha...i juz wish to do stuff that i like being an air-hostess, model while i can (*blush* i know maybe i don't have the talent, but i'm sure practice makes perfect? keke) etc.

i still remember when i flipped through the papers, i was soooo thrilled when i saw that headline : DREAM OF BEING A MODEL? (ok, i forgot the exact words...but it meant the same....i guess =P) in Star Metro early this year. so i quickly scanned through the article and was so happy when Vanessa Diamonds was looking for a model to promote their new collection of Jewellery! but as i look further, they were looking for females between the ages of 18-(forgot d) see?! i only remember that 18!! BLOODY 18!! i'm juz a year younger! how disappointing...and the photoshoot was held at gurney plaza! i wanted to go take a peek...but i think it was around my exams...sheesh!

p/s: and again, pls excuse my poor eng...having a bad runny nose...hate it!


kryptos said...

look out for the search next year.
wow! who knows we might be seeing u in the papers one day!

Lin Whatever! said...

LOL! it would be my pleasure to tell u when i appear in the papers!! =P *grins*