Tuesday, November 15, 2005


ok, juz came back from school...juz sat for BM2 and guess what?! i didn't know how to do the tatabahasa part AND and i didn't have enough time to finish it!!

shit! hope i pass this subject if not i'm gonna have to migrate to overseas! =(


kryptos said...

can't do anything about it since the paper is already over.
so, try hard for the rest. how many papers left?

all the best!

Lin Whatever! said...

hmmm...after tomorrow, i have 6 more subjects left! =(

haha..i know, i'm not crying over spilt milk...but BM is really important la...can't afford to fail =S

kryptos said...

wah 6 ah! not even half way loh! i'm only left with 2 papers... heeeeheeee ;P good luck!

Lin Whatever! said...

no no no no!!! now 4 more left after i sit for moral paper this afternoon!! =P *sigh*