Saturday, November 12, 2005

didn't see that coming!

haha...yes, i've always wanted to become a model...although my height doesn't even reach the minimum for models (juz excuse my grammar in this post...gotta be quickm can't waste too much time online) ok, where was i? oh yeah...i logged in to my inbox and i got this e-mail :

Dear ,
Recently, you submitted your photos to ModelNetwork.Com and I believe you will greatly benefit from a convention being held by Model Search America in Las Vegas, December 2nd - 4th.

Model Search America is hosting one of the largest National Model Conventions. Aspiring and current models and actors will be able to audition in front of over 50 of the world's Top Modeling and Talent Agencies, Casting Directors, and Magazines in person.

Among those scheduled to attend include: Elite, Request, Major, NY Models, Irene Marie, ID Models, Wilhelmina, Abrams Artists, casting directors for over 10 different reality shows, and magazines including Cosmo Girl, Vibe, and Allure.

If you are serious about getting into the industry, I highly suggest that you schedule an interview today!

To schedule an interview, please go to:

For more information, please feel free to visit:

Hope to see you there!

Best Regards,
Model Network

one thing that's weird though...i didn't submit any of my photos...and when i clicked on the url 'to schedule an interview' =P, there's this form to fill in...ANNNDD it's only for the american citizens -.-" but one thing that's surprising is that they didn't ask for the height, weight, measurements..etc which is quite ermm...abnormal? lol...

ok, enough....gotta study...


Anonymous said...

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kryptos said...

well, i've "won" a laptop and a free vacation to the bahamas before... haha... if only they were not scams.
i hate to pour cold water, but juz think twice before disclosing information on such websites. there're lots of scams nowadays. some of them even hv authentic-looking official websites like this one. it's even more suspicious when they're "replying" you because you have "submitted" your photos to them. but since it's only for americans, no point taking the risk and give them your personal info, right?

Lin Whatever! said...

haha...yeah..i know...=D juz went and take a look at the form =P