Monday, April 18, 2005

time wasted...

ok...i didn't go to church...feel so sinful now...then i didn't have physics tuition of 2.5 hours today...i was so happy, i even planned to start studying...but what did i do today?

  1. woke up, breakfast & TV at the same time, online, did my zhong1 kai3
  2. went to my aunt's house to have lunch, went over to 1-stop to by some medicine (my aunt's), ended up looking for books at popular
  3. went back to my aunt's house to play with my cousin's kids...juz hung around...nothing much actually
  4. my mom and dad wanted to go to popular so i went to 1-stop AGAIN and ended up buying a book worth of RM42 (i know it's expenisive, but i hardly buy books, i usually borrow them from PSC library...) *the rest is history...haha* so boring i don't wanna mention it...
  5. now here i am typing this blog

GREAT..i still have 3 essays to ya, don't wanna be ya!

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