Sunday, April 17, 2005


i juz came back from was a gross lazy to describe what happened...but it was EWWW!! now i look at Black B differently...a shy guy -> a pervert!

i'm not gonna dirty my entry with what i'll juz say...i'm gonna die!! my stomach muscles hurt!! i wonder how i'm gonna get up from bed tomorrow...i'm so freaking hungry too!! gonna eat McDonald's later! yay!! =P love the food...i'm loving it~ haha~

these few days i'm always craving for food...i don't know y...i feel like eating laksa, poh piah, western food, tom yam bihoon, sandwiches (from DOME), cheesy stuff, spicy food, etc. ... what's wrong with me huh?

anyway, i'm not gonna let THAT thing happened at taekwondo fill my head...gonna go to my dreamland leave IT there forever!

currently crazy for TWINS' 'jian4 xi2 ai4 shen2' =D

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