Saturday, April 16, 2005


*sigh*'s 10:50pm now..should i go to taekwondo lessons tomorrow?? i really do lack of actual fact, teens should get 9-10 (or is it 8-9) hours a day...and me? i'm so far from it...should i go!? so sleepy la...and the fact that i have to see Black B and his gf *rolls eyes*, i'd rather sleep...

OH! i forgot to mention something that happened to me yesterday afternoon when i went to school for permainan...I WAS BEING USED BY SOMEONE WHO ISN'T NEAR TO BEING MY FRIEND!! i hate her...but not's juz a waste of energy hating someone like happened as follow:

i was busy as a bee, printing my moral project reports in a rush so that i could go to school on time...finally...finished printing them, so i took my project and my stationary case and went to school...i was kinda relieved that i'm gonna pass up my moral project soon and that the burden was going to be lifted off my shoulders...hmmm...walked into my school...

so i went to the verandah for chess club (i don't know anything about chess!all i know is that the 'horse' moves in an 'L' shape...that's all =P) anway...the teacher wasn't there yet so we couldn't go up...i'll make this as brief as possible...*zoom* we were downstairs, trying to get 10+ sets of chess classmate wanted to help them so i volunteered to carry her file (not a very heavy one) and THEN this girl whom i barely know and don't even know her name suddenly threw her HEAVY file into my arms 'shun4 bian4 shun4 bian4!' (read it in chinese) was so NOT shun4 bian4 k!! i was also carrying my own stuff too!! fine! i carried her file for her (juz because i don't wanna find fault with her over a minor matter)...then they suddenly remembered that the teacher must be present to sign the dunno-what-thing so that we could use the chess sets....and THAT girl opened her mouth saying 'oh, abo u carry our files to the verandah [we were on the ground floor, the verandah is considered on the 6th floor d!(block 98 has 5 floors, and the verandah is more than a floor higher than block 98)] and ask the teacher to come down to sign this thing. and oh, u also come down la, to help us carry the chess sets' SHE ACTUALLY EXPECTS ME TO GO UP AND COME DOWN AGAIN?!*she was smiling at me all the time* (AS IF I'D BUY THAT!) fine...i dragged my feet up until i reached 'heaven' carrying HER file! it's not that i'm angry because i had to carry her file, i'm angry because of the fact that:

  1. i barely know her....don't even know and don't wanna know her name!
  2. couldn't she juz asked me politely? i might juz help he carry ( better than throwing her things into my arms)
  3. i'm not that fat...therefore i don't have to walk that extra 'mile' to juz ask the teacher to go down AND to help them carry chess sets!...i'm thin and slim enough! (hope she sees this entry! hmph...but i doubt she will)

so, the teacher was nowhere in sight...great...i went down and i haven't even reached the ground floor she asked me loudly 'lao3 shi1 leh?!' so i said i didn't see her anywhere...and guess what? read the following conversation:

SHE creature : oh! i have a brilliant idea! *smiling*

ME : oh? what is it?

SHE creature : u can do this *handing me her bag* take my bag upstairs and i'll go to the teachers' room to look for her.

ME : y do i have to carry your bag? i'd rather go to the teachers' room to look for her! *trying to be as stern as possible and to make her sense that i'm not too happy* u're very 'de2 cun4 jin4 chi3!'

of course when i went to the teachers' room i didn't see her too... so i roamed around the school, chatting with my ex-classmate...leaving them back there...after that...i didn't wanna go near her ever again...such a FREAK! who does she think i am? her maid?? if yes...where's my salary? *sarcastic*

p/s : i'd rather sit all by myself during chess than sitting with ppl who r not compatible with me...a good example...SHE CREATURE!

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