Saturday, April 16, 2005

relieved but worried?

ah....moral project passed up, poem submitted...i'm so relieved....but exams is juz around the corner...and i haven't studied a bit...the night before yesterday, i slept at 3:30am! broke my record i look like a zombie with DARK circles around my eyes...ARGH!

ok, about the poem...i'm very satisfied with the one i wrote this time...the only poem i really put all my effort(s?) and 'emotions' in it, unlike the previous ones...haha...i wrote silly ones...ermm...and friends actually voiced out their opinions on the the sentences too long etc. which i kinda agree with them and that i should do some editting and stuff, they helped me too...but, i felt that if i edit my poem, that means it's not originally written by i submitted it in without editting it and i juz REALLY REALLY hope it can make it into the grad magz =D

a cute friend of mine (Jen) thought the word 'iciness' in my poem was spelled wrongly...she thought that i misspelled 'itchiness' and so my whole poem disn't make any sense...but when she finally knew that she mistook iciness for itchiness, haha...the whole poem suddenly made sense to her!

although it's the last day of school OF the week...i'm not happy one bit. y? cause i've got loads of homework waiting for me....AND i haven't studied! =(

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