Friday, November 23, 2012


OK I wrote a long post and decided to screw my post with gibberish ><

Because I'm lazy to re-type it. Here's a song I thought of while in the shower. This song brings back college memories, simply because it was introduced by a friend then. I remember listening to it on repeat for months! Enjoy!

I know this might sound crazy but I've already come up with a list of things I want to do when I go home:
1. Organise a potluck with the Popular gang
2. Go to every McD branch there is in Penang
3. Cycle around Penang island
4. Get a haircut - I know I'd definitely get lazy to do this, thus the reminder
5. Baking with M

Anyway, today I felt way better than I did 2 days ago although nose still blocked, probably because today's weather was awesome! Sunshine!!!

p/s: I should really stop bugging my friends and blog more.


rhi said...

"Ladies for life" is not in your top 5??!! lol

Lin said...

lol..we haven't come up with a plan i don't know if everyone will be around when i get back. :D