Monday, August 06, 2012

Weird afternoon dream

I took an afternoon nap after my lunch and ended up having a super duper weird dream. In the dream, I was feeling bored so I walked to Gurney Plaza to window-shop. As I walked pass shop after shop, my feet brought me to a make-up shop. There I saw so many of my (female) friends, those from primary school, high school, college, and even university. All of them were scattered throughout the store, trying out different cosmetics on their faces, hands etc. As I approached one of my friends, who was busy applying blusher on her face, she gave me an unfriendly look from the corner of her eye as if looking down on me. There and then I realised that I had zero make-up on my face. Then she opened her mouth to speak, "you do realise that in order to survive in this world you need to make you face look flawless?" At that moment, my heart was racing, pounding ever so loudly in my chest, like it was about to explode in my chest. I slowly looked around and realised that EVERY girl in the room had flawless porcelain skin! The world around me started to spin and then a voice inside me said, "you do not belong in this're just not perfect" OMG, I woke up feeling thankful that it was all just a dream. I cannot imagine myself being in that kind of so-called perfect world. Too tiring. It's being born in that era when foot-binding was still widespread though there's modern foot-binding today - high heeled shoes - but at least I get to choose whether I want to wear those killer shoes.

Was blogging about my Saturday but left it saved in my drafts. Thinking if I should finish it...since it's an emotional post.

On a lighter note, tomorrow is a public holiday which means NO WORK! Wheee...and a friend's coming over to colour our hair with soft pastels. Not sure how it's going to turn out. :D


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