Saturday, July 21, 2012


Come on...seriously, just because you people are attached, what makes you think I'm lonely and jealous? =.= I have my life to live...I don't have the time to envy other people's love lives. You feel sorry for me? I feel sorry for YOU for having to bear with your overly attached girlfriend! Now shoo, stop asking me to get a guy. I don't need a guy to live. If you ever mention anything about how I need to get myself a boyfriend........I am going to make you sorry.

Not a blog post, merely a rant.

On another note (I don't have bipolar!!!), I've been feeling so tired lately that as soon as my head touches my pillow off I go to slumberland! No dreams, no nightmares, consciousness whatsoever. This is starting to worry me a little.


At the risk of sounding like I'm thinking too much, what does it mean when a guy tells you that you're his 知己 and 最重要的人?

Finally watching Brave! Yayy...well, if everything goes as planned. Quoting WH, "huh? the cha bor so ugly, hair like broom" LOL

Been craving for food lately...feeling like a pregnant woman except no tummy. XD

Sometimes I wonder if I have emotions at all. I do my poker face so well that I get fooled by myself at times.  And no matter how terrible a news is, I can still hold a straight face like nothing happened. Hmmm...

OK, abrupt end to a random post.


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