Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hello world! *warning* super long post ahead!

I've been MIA due to a series of events that have happened in the last week. In conjunction with the last post entitled "Monday Morning", I was to type a post entitled "Tuesday Morning" because something happened that morning (obviously!) but I kept putting it off till today.

Tuesday 7th April
I woke up early as usual. Went to the kitchen to cook some rolled oats. Did I mention that the bananas here are so unpredictable? LOL I mean, I bought some unripe bananas & to make sure they last longer, I put them into the fridge to slow the ripening process. I thought it was about time I ate them because they've been in the fridge for more than a week. That morning I decided to eat them with rolled oats BUT when I peeled one of the bananas, it was still not ripe! Did I tell you that I absolutely hate eating unripe bananas?! Besides the fact that they're not sweet, I hate the texture of an unripe banana. *sigh* So I thought I'd put my new jar of honey into good use.

I opened the kitchen cupboard (where we keep our food supply) & reached for my jar of honey. I had a lot on my mind then, one of them being the arrival of 2 of my primary school mates the next day. I was quite excited as I didn't expect time to fly by so fast! I turned to J while still reaching for the honey, & said, "oh my gosh...I can't believe that (my friends will be arriving tomorrow)" [Just so you know, I didn't manage to finish the words in brackets] Just that split second, I heard a loud piercing crash. I looked down & there it was - that bottle of fried onions my mom made for me to bring back to Adelaide had fallen & broken into smithereens at my feet. I was stunned for a moment. It almost felt like my heart, too, had broken into pieces. I was angry with myself there & then. Why did I put the bottle so near to the edge of the shelf?! Why didn't I focus on just reaching for that damn honey?! I had no one but myself to blame. =( Since Feb until that Tuesday morning, I've only used the fried onions twice. TWICE!! Oh, I really wanted to cry. It was like the only thing I had of mommy. Well, maybe not, since I have a bottle of fried garlic...but still...that bottle of fried onions was a symbol of mommy's love & effort. I still remember her chopping onions & frying them just a few days before I left Penang. ='( What a way to start my day. Was in a bad mood after that. Even the oats didn't taste as good as usual. Wanted to talk to mommy so badly. I did, eventually. & it made my day. The conversation was as follows:

Me: Mommy!!! I'm soooo sad!
Mom: Oh, why?! What happened?!
Me: *SIGH* This morning when I was reaching for my jar of honey inside the cupboard, I accidentally broke the bottle of fried onions when it fell onto the floor!
Mom: Oh...I thought what pulak?! See la? You treat it so preciously, now the floor gets to eat it...haha...Nevermind la, I'll make another bottle for you, you can try asking your friend to bring it back for you in July if any of them comes back to Penang.
Me: OH! Yeah hoh?! OK! I'll ask my friend. =D

I felt better instantly! ^^

Wednesday 8th April
The day I've been waiting for! I guess the reason I was so excited was I don't think any of my friends, in their right state of mind, would ever visit Adelaide! Besides that, it was the company that I looked forward to. At least I'd have people whom I'm familiar with around. That afternoon, I met up with JM after lecture to get my "present" (hehe~) & we had chicken rice at the Penang Hawker Centre. It's always good to have lunch with JM because we always share a meal + she's very funny. =D L & S have already reached Adelaide but they were at Glenelg, so I thought I'd go home & rest first before going out with them for dinner.

Took this while waiting for the bus

I was super excited to have good company & good food! We settled for Italian food at Brunelli on Rundle Street.

Us at Brunelli

The spaghetti was yummy but the pizza was just so-so. Nonetheless, we had a great time catching up. Ermm...I think I'd give L & S a short introduction. Haha. I was in the same class with L for 3 years from Standard 1. As for S, I was in the same primary & high school with her but we weren't close. I had neutral feelings towards her. I lost contact with L since primary school because he (oh, forgot to mention it's a he) went to a boys' school after that. We only met again in Feb 2007, before I came to Adelaide. After that, I met him again in December 2008 (wait, or was it in January 2009?). The amazing thing is that though L & I haven't seen/talked to each other for so long, we instantly clicked when we met up in 2007. Was & still am glad that we keep in touch since then. =) S was being her usual talkative self. It was awkward moments, besides all 4 "girls" were from the same school so we had LOADS to talk about. From mutual friends to mutual friends' boyfriends to our own ideal boyfriends. LOL Ahhh...Been deprived of girl talk for ages! We continued our girly chat (with a guy around...haha) at Chocolate Bean.
Shared Chocolate Filth @ Chocolate Bean

Spent hours there. I wished that time could just standstill. Caught a bus home at 12:05am with L. Oh, L stayed over at my place. Come to think of it, I was a really bad host. I had my guest sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor. He was on a holiday & he had to sleep on a hard floor.

Thursday 9th April
Ah...Thursday morning was a busy one! My cousin had his friend bring back supplements from Penang for me & I was supposed to get to his restaurant to collect it. I woke up early but was wasting my time away. Saw GF online on skype, ended up talking for almost an hour. Realised it was late, so we hung up. I rushed to the city to catch a bus to Glen Osmond, where the restaurant was located, then right after collecting my stuff, I caught a bus back to the city & then and another bus back to Magill (where my campus is & where I stay), all of that in 2 hours! Reached Magill in time for my 1pm class! I was exhausted when I reached Magill. Finished class at 4pm that day. Met up with S, L, KT & sis for dinner! This time we had dinner at a Korean restaurant on Leigh Street. Funny how we ended up ordering 2 beef dishes & 2 pork dishes. There seemed to be endless topics when we're together. I fell asleep while we were watching Spirited Away as I've watched it before & I had a loooong day. Managed to wake up for the ending. LOL That night L & I caught the 12:05am bus back home for the 2nd time.

Friday 10th April
Ahh..Easter holidays are finally here! But I had an online test that day, so I had to re-revise the stuff I already revised to refresh my memory before taking the test. That morning, L & S had gone to Victor Harbour. While doing my revision, GF came online on skype! LOL Yeah yeah, ended up talking to her for 4 hours. XD Even talked to her while having lunch. We always have so much to talk about it's unbelievable! Then again almost dinner time, I caught up with S, L, KT & sis for dinner, this time at Pancake House.

Can't remember what this is called =S

Dutch chocolate pancakes

Cajun chicken

After that all of us crashed at KT & sis's place. I fell almost fell asleep watching Howl's Moving House. Managed to keep myself awake by noticing lame stuff with S (Eg. how ugly the guy's earrings were). XD

Saturday 11th April
The day I've been dreading since 8th of April. Yes, the departure of S & L. I totally hate goodbyes. I know I can still meet them in Penang, but I have to wait for ages to do that. Besides, their departure also means that I'd have to face reality (start on assignments), which makes it even more depressing. Today L & I were awake at the same time, so we decided to take a walk to my campus, which is just 5 mins walk away. OMG, that day was so hot, both of us were desparately looking for a shed to stand under. XP As L didn't have any plans before 11:30am, we decided to catch an earlier bus to the city to walk around & talk. After gathering at KT's place, we went to have lunch at Billy Baxter's!

My hot chocolate

*fast forward*

Accompanied S & L to the airport. Upon arrival, S found out her flight had been delayed to the same time as L's. LOL Another opportunity to sit down & talk! We got ourselves a Hudson's each & made ourselves comfortable on the sofas provided. *fast forward* Time for them to board. Oh how I hated that moment! Hugged them goodbye & as I was walking towards where were came from, I turned around & saw both of them following from behind. Eh? They realised that the bag of Haigh's Chocolates S was holding onto was gone! I think if someone was there with a camcorder recording it, it'd be a funny video to watch. We were all so 惊慌失措! But good thing L asked the staff at the checkpoint & they took the bag of chocolates out from one of the drawers. =D S was super relieved, after thanking the staff, we hugged goodbye once more & I didn't dare turn back this time, in fear I might just breakdown in front of all the people at the airport. =/ Hah...but guess what?! I didn't cry, though I was the only person on the bus. I just thought that I should count my blessings that I still keep in touch with my primary school friends! ^^ Aren't you guys just proud of me? LOL I think positive for once. Had yummy tom yam for dinner at KT's place. That night...I caught the bus home felt very something missing...but, I guess life's like this. Sometimes you just have to be alone to grow up.

Sunday 12th April
The moment I opened my eyes, I felt like I just got sucked into a deep black hole. Reality hit me on the head, real HARD. I was all alone again. No more L sleeping in the sleeping bag on the floor. No more having to tip-toe into the bathroom. Everything was just how it was before. A little weird I must say. Anyway, life is full of separations. So goes on. I got out of bed...cooked some oats...washed some grapes...added them to the cooked oats...was eating them in front of my computer...when suddenly, I felt that familiar pain. I decided to ignore it & continued eating my oats but the pain got worse & worse. Argh! Bed...all I need is a nap & the pain would just go away, like it always does. After napping for an hour, the pain was gone...but I've already missed my bus to church. So I decided to stay home, which I am thankful for because the pain came back after lunch! By now you should have guessed what it was. Yes, the time of the month. *SIGH* No sweat right? Everytime I take naps, eat/drink warm stuff, keep myself warm etc. the pain just subsides. With the hormonal imbalance, pain & the departure the day before, I broke down...cried myself to sleep. Especially at times like these I miss home so much! Everything just didn't feel right.

Monday 13th April
I woke up feeling like a truck just rammed over me. Almost felt like a hangover (well, I'm just guessing hangovers feel like that...never had one). Talked to my parents after breakfast, thinking that my menstrual cramps episode was over. Little did I know, there was something in store for me...For the whole of Monday, I had diarrhea! Argh! Into the bathroom, out of the bathroom, in again...out. I felt so drained & weak. Those who say they love diarrhea because they wanna lose weight, I tell you this - You'd probably die before you achieve your ideal weight. I kid you not. Did you know that if you're a pregnant woman, you could have a miscarriage if you experience serious diarrhea?! Stop & think for a second. I stayed in bed the whole day, only got out of bed when I needed to you-know-what. =.= Had oats & crackers for lunch. It tasted so bland I felt like puking. Was my turn to cook fish so I thought, "I'll cook fish it when mommy cooks it". Called my mom to ask her how to cook etc. Well, needless to say...I think the fish porridge I cooked just tasted horrible/terrible (couldn't decide on which adjective is worse). It was hard to cover the fishy smell & I think I marinated the fish with too much soy sauce. It tasted soooo salty I gagged at every mouthful. =S Being sick is already bad enough, having to take care of everything when you're sick is even worse! I really really felt like crying there & then! Now I understand what Karen Cheng meant by The Hormonal Illness, it's just that the only difference is I'm not pregnant. Hah..Imagine what it'd be like if I was pregnant! From Friday till Monday, I've laughed & cried countless times. I cried while watching a video PQ posted on her blog in conjunction with the post on Imperfectness Made Perfect; also cried while watching a video J sent me thru e-mail on how people from some parts of the world eat food scraps of people from other parts of the world; cried again reading a blog post XC recommended. I nearly laughed a** off when I watched a video (not sure if you can open it) one of my primary school mates recorded & posted on Facebook; I also laughed when I opened YY's forwarded e-mail entitled Naughty Banana & saw this:

Tuesday 14th April
Hmm...nothing much happened on that day. Thank God the number of times I needed to go to the bathroom reduced dramatically. LOL Went out to buy some "sick food" supply. Cooked chicken porridge that night. Yummy! ^^

Chicken porridge

p/s: I started typing this post on Sunday night & finally finished now. phew! That was a looooong post!


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awww...its alright as long ass i have a roof over my head i don care wat i sleep in or on ==P
u forgot!!! da girl went to da market n only bought potatoes ==D
haha, i always knew when u were awake,didnt had to tip toe...well at least nearly everytime u were awake ==P
i think all we did was ate ate n ate....look at ur pics...haha
thx again for everythin *hugs*


Lin said...

Still i felt bad ler =(
I wanted to mention the potatoes but I thought my post was already long enough. LOL So i juz skipped that. XP
no no! u forgot about the talking part! XP actually it was me who was snapping away food pics, that's y i post up food pics.
awww...haha...nah, no prob. was really glad u came. =) *hugs back*

blushstar said...

Haha, you seem to have gone through an emotional week my dear! That's fun in a way I guess. Life would be so dull without it, yet sometimes we don't need it that much eh?

great that you treasure your times with your friends. :)


Lin said...

LOL yes...emotionally drained. =)

thanks for dropping by. *hugs*

Maree said...

the chocolate looks soooooooooooo goood *drools**

Lin said...

hahahahaha...good leh? =P it doesn't only look good, it tasted goooood too! =D

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hi all