Saturday, November 22, 2008

I feel hollow... this particular moment.

Not too sure if it's because I'm still not over about my paper OR I refuse to face the reality - when I wake up tomorrow, I have 1 day short to prepare for my final exam paper.

Every day from the moment I open my eyes, I can't wait for it to be night again so that I can drift off into my dreams, far far away from reality. It always seems like the day arrives sooner than the night. I never wanna wake up to face this harsh reality.

Just 4 hours ago, my friend & I encountered something freaky, which I'll save for another day because I can't wait to go to bed~

Me =(


jennifer said...

it's gonna end sooon!! =D

ehuey said...

wow you've already seen my latest past?
you're fast man haha
don't worry i'll let it out soon hehe
add me in msn can?
then we can chat there