Sunday, October 19, 2008

I really don't understand... people can juz leave their dirty dishes for weeks, even months!! =S
Washing a freaking bowl only takes less than freaking 30 seconds!

Check this out =.= I don't even wanna know what that black lining in the bowl is.

Left by the sink for weeks
(The other housemate helped her clean her bowl a few days ago, & this appeared days after)

Just fyi, my "dear" housemate threw away those smelly milk cartons almost after a month (It felt like eternity). Now, below is a pic of the current state of her bin. Treasure hunt anyone?

A month ago


Oh, & yesterday J pasted a note on her door asking her to wash her bowl. Guess what?! The note worked wonders! This morning I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that the space by the sink was EMPTY! W-O-W! I also added a P.S. beneath the note asking her to pay me for the internet bill &...I got back the money today!

Hmmm...sometimes I just wish I could make a trip into her mind to see how her mind works. Interesting...



Mimi Lenox said...

You've been tagged by the Queen of Memes!
The Peace Meme

feifei said...

facing da same prob here, lin! so i understand wat u mean! but thing is, i dun wan 2 resort 2 posting up notes but dat seems like da onli way left.. :S as proven by u!

Lin said...

well, i know what u mean. i guess u don't wanna ruin ur relationship with ur housemate. but (un)luckily for us, we aren't close to her at all. so...i guess it's easier.

Jen Min said...

How about us getting a place together? I promise that would never happen. Gross!!!! No place in the house I had hoped to stay in. So now I'm will be in the hostel.

Lin said...

yeah, sure! i don't mind getting a place together! =) which hostel will u b in?? is there a contract?
the thing is, i can only start finding aft my exams. not sure if we'll able to find...but i'll ask around. hopefully there will be a place for us!

jan said...

ey, i used to stay with people who had little 'plants' growing out of their sinks etc. I seen worse cases k? Heh.

Jen Min said...

the village. Actually don't worry. I'm not in a rush to get a place. the hostel looks great (in their promotion photos) with good security. so it seems good. Though, if we can manage to get an even better place, i'd be glad too :)

Lin said...

oh...err...i don't think u wanna stay in the village...cause...christine's staying there. lol.
will talk to u more in e-mail or msn. i've already started my search on houses. it's now up to u whether u wanna stay with us cause we'll either stay between magill n city OR in magill. so...but u gotta let us know soon cause if not we'll get a 2-bedroom place.

jennifer said...

LOL. what an interesting laugh-out-loud post!

Lin said...

LOL. now only u LOL XD
welcome back to the blogosphere! =D