Thursday, September 18, 2008

What Do You See?

So, what do you see in the picture?
Does it trigger any of your senses?
Visual, olfactory, auditory, touch...?
If you think it's only a bin with 2 discarded milk cartons, a plastic container and perhaps some food scraps here and there, think AGAIN!
This thing you see in the picture just produces/releases a stench that is totally, utterly, completely, thoroughly and absolutely (I almost used up all the possible words that mean what I wanna mean) revolting, repugnant, nauseating, repulsive, stomach-turning, foul, *insert synonyms* you could ever encounter in your human existence!
Every time, I stand next to it to wash my cutlery, I just wish someone would use a pillow/cushion to suffocate me!!
Just talking about it triggers my olfactory receptors...urgh! *barfs*

I found some super gross pics of vomit but
I thought I'd be kind to my "readers" and choose a less sickening pic =P

OK, back to my textbook!

Have a terrific week ahead! =P



jennifer said...

hAHAHAH when i choose to check out blogs i landed upon this post & laughed out loud instantly when i saw the pic. hhahahah! didnt know you took a pic of it. hahahaa =D

ehuey said...

wei then everyday you can train to hold your breath longer hahaha

Lin said...

jenn: LOL so u were laughing reading my blog! i just took it yest when i thought i needed to update my blog. XD

ehuey: it ain't working =(

Mockingbird said...

i still can't figure out why 2 empty milk cartons in a bin would make you feel sick and want to puke.

Mockingbird said...

Adelaide must be a pretty relaxing place to live in heh? My cousin migrated there from Singapore with his family around a year ago :)

Lin said...

mockingbird: LOL it's not the milk cartons that produce the's the food scraps (and plus the milk in the cartons) that have been accumulated for ermm...ages =S so, you know la...bacteria...yadda yadda...smell.

ermm...i'd call adelaide boring =D nothing much to do. shops close at 5 and all ppl here do is drink, drink and drink some more =S how does ur cousin feel about adelaide?

prasana@poel said...

yeeeewwwwww thanks lin! just got super disgusted! gld Jenn could laugh! hahahhahaa

feifei said...

lolz!!! da bottom of da bim is no longer white!!!!!!! it's a gooeyyyy kinda brown!!! ewww.. :P i feel ur pain.. da bin need a serious scrubdown!

Mockingbird said...

now i know why the milk cartons in the bin are so repulsive already :p

i haven't got the chance to ask my cousin ever since he migrated to Adelaide with his family :p

Shops close at 5pm and people just drink and drink? Sounds just like Perth :p Is that all the Aussies do after 5pm? Hang out at pubs and drink beer all evening? :p

Guess Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane are more interesting heh?

Lin said...

pras: You know y jenn's laughing? LOL cause it's our china housemate's bin! ewww

yf: ROTFL u go and see the bottom of the bin some more ah? or is it too brown that u see it straightaway? =P

mockingbird: now u know =S ewww. well, ppl here mostly drink on fri and sat nites. and sometimes u'll see drunkards making racist remarks. but so far i haven't encountered such ermm...discrimination. i think that's their only entertainment. LOL

Mockingbird said...

i've heard some nasty stuff the locals do to the Chinese there. Like throwing crap on their windows :p

Lin said...

ah...i think that happens everywhere in aus. my friend in tasmania encountered that before =S and it wasn't on the window. they threw it at him...but it bounced off his chest and fell to the floor =P