Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Me? Eurasian? Forget it!

I came across this Morph Thing on Ringo's blog, and I thought I'd give it a try but...Oh well, let's just say that my offspring will look super weird if I were to every marry an ang moh. =S

P1030781.JPG and Keira Knightley Faces Combined Together -

The faces of 2 and Britney Spears combined together -

2 and Cristina Ricci -

The faces of 2 and Rihanna combined together -

P1030781.JPG and Alexis Bledel -

2 and David Beckham Faces Combined Together -

The faces of 2 and Scarlett Johansson combined together -

2 and Kate Winslet Faces Combined Together -

Any guesses who I Morphed with?? LOL

Keep guessing...

p/s: I still can't believe I have ugly genes (ok, not genes...ugly features?)!! >.<



Maree said...

who did u morph with?!?!?!hahaha

Lin said...

hahahahahaha....u guess la! =P
y?? too ugly until cannot recognise is it??? XD

jennifer said...

hahahah dont be ridiculous. this whole morph thing doesnt mean yr offspring will be ugly. even mine was ugly ok!!

Lin said...

LOL ok then, thanks for ur comment! I'm gonna continue finding an ang moh XD

prasana@poel said...

ermm i can see keira knightly,rhianna,maybe kelly clarckson somewhere there too..then i think ermmm hermione? for got her real name..ooops

Lin said...

hahaha...u only got keira knightly and rihanna right. =P

it's keira knightly, britney spears, christina ricci, rihanna, alexis bledel, david beckham, scarlett johansson and kate winslet.

see la?! i'm too ugly until morph with celebrities also become unrecognisable!!! ='(


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