Monday, July 07, 2008

What would you do...

...if you could live forever?

I know it's my holidays and I shouldn't be getting myself into whirlwind of emotions since I should feel free, happy and worry-less.

Somehow, I stumbled upon the movie Tuck Everlasting at the state library while looking for something to occupy my time during the holidays. And cause I've seen it aired on Disney Channel but never gotten myself to sit down and enjoy the movie, I decided to have it a watch since it's a Disney production and I'm sure Disney movies wouldn't be a disappointment.

And yes, it was not a disappointment at ALL! It was good! I've never cried like that since I was a baby! Not exaggerating...I just cried and cried and sniff and sobbed like nobody's business (thank God my housemate, Jennifer, was out...LOL I'm sure she would've heard me sobbing). Really, it really got me thinking: Would I ever want to live forever?

At times, I thought how scary it is, to grow older and older each year, and every year, everything changes for better or for worse, whether you like it or not. Sometimes I think to myself, how nice it would be to be young and free forever...don't have to grow up, be a responsible adult, carrying all the burdens in the world on our shoulders.

*sigh* But at the same time, I feel excited for the future, I wanna know what it would be like working, maybe getting married, having kids, know? And when you've fulfilled your dreams, I bet it'd feel great, looking back at pieces of memories of your life, knowing that you've lived life to the fullest. But what if we don't? What if we look back at our lives and regret the things we did or did not do or dreams that weren't fulfilled? It'd be so shitty, wouldn't it?

I'm not sure if I should tell the story of Tuck Everlasting here...maybe you guys can go read the book or watch the movie. The movie's based on an award-winning novel BUT you know how movies are, always somehow a little different from the book. Since I said the movie was great and made me cry like never before, I can assure you that the movies great! =)

It says on the DVD cover: If you could choose to live forever, would you?

And the most favourite quote from the movie is - You do not have to be afraid of death, but be afraid of not living.=')

The ending was ermmm...sad but good. I don't know how to explain..LOL I mean, good for her I guess but bad for him. OK, I'm babbling, a sign that says I should stop now. XP I'll probably tell the story another day...make sure whoever's reading this go and either read the book or watch the movie OK?! Oh! Before I forget *hehe* the male lead character!! He's sooo darn cute! Well I loved the female lead character too, she's Alexis Bledel who stars in Gilmore Girls.

Here are some production pictures from the movie =')

The DVD cover

Alexis Bledel as Winnie Foster & Jonathan Jackson as Jesse Tuck in Tuck Everlasting



jennifer said...

whoaaa...!!! you cried THAT badly??? hahah. sounds like the way i would cry when watching a walk to rmb/the notebook. i cried too!! ='( but not as much as you did. hahaha. more like just teared. sigh. it was so sad the ending. boohooo hoooo!!! =( anything to do with sad love/romance always brings tears. sometimes i wonder why it's only love that can make us tear. lol. imagine crying bout stg else like a horror movie or some action movie...hahah i dont make sense. but yeh. wat a good movie, havent watched stg disney-ish for a while now....

Lin said...

YES jennifer! It was my first time crying out loud some more! If i was watching with someone else, I wouldn't have done that XP *pai seh* yeahlo, i never used to cry while watching movies...but as i grow up, i do. wonder y. is that a sign of ageing too? you become more sentimental as you age...LOL yup!! make sure u watch it ok?! then i can hear you cry...ok, juz kidding. i'll blast my music so i can't hear u cry =D

Anonymous said...

i loooooooooove Alexis Bledel as much as i loooooove Gilmore Girls!! :D

but come to think of it, no, i DONT want to live forever, just to watch everyone i care about die.. :(


prasana@poel said...

great movie.....I loved the scene where the brothers walk amidst the storm!!!

Lin said...

GF: but what if u could live forever with the one u love??

pras: huh? which storm?? i can't rmb..LOL

Mockingbird said...

i would like to have a shot of being an immortal here on earth. But i know that's not going to be possible. Being immortal here on earth will have serious adverse repercussions. Then again, after we go meet our Maker someday, we'd also be living forever then.

Lin said...

hey!! yeah, i used to think the same way =) but it'd be so cool to try oncw =P

prasana@poel said...

The jail escaping part....

Lin said...

OH!! hahahahaha~
now i remember! XD
so funny la...that part...they couldn't die and they stood up...the other fella ran away!