Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Another emo post. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Fell sick yesterday evening...I guess I chose the wrong day to go to Glenelg beach. It was the day with the most rain and wind. See? My grammar structure is also weird. Don't even bother to think before typing.

Anyway, I hate being sick, especially during exam period and during the holidays! I thought I could enjoy my holidays now that exam's over, but no...had to stay home and rest because I feel cold all the time and it's freaking cold outside. =(

It's times like these I wish I was back home in Penang where mummy takes care of my meals. All I need to do is rest in bed. ='( Living independently is tough. I mean, I don't mind being independent but I miss being pampered and being cared for, you know? I guess I took my mom for granted. *sigh*

Not forgetting that daddy's a doctor and mom used to be a nurse, even if I get sick, I don't have to worry about a thing because I'll be in good hands. I know, I'm being emo...It's true what they say..You'll never miss the water till it's gone...something like that.

I'm starting to feel old. While watching Lizzie McGuire the movie, I felt like I was back in high school! Back to the times when my friends and I would talk about Hilary Duff in class and that was how I got to know my other friend, M.

Watching touching movies also makes me tear sooo easily. I wonder if something's wrong with my tear glands. How can?! I never used to can a freaking movie make me cry?! =S Wish I could eat porridge now...mummy!! T.T



HuiSien said...

yeah living alone is when one year of tears add up to more than the amount you've shed for your whole life. ha ha. hang in there :D

Lin said...

hah...very true indeed ='(
it's good to hear from someone i know =)
thanks for dropping by!

raptor_ravenlord said...

ive lived away frm home for almost 2 1/2 yrs now n i havent cried a single time heheh....i wonder if sumting's wrong wif MY tear glands

Lin said...

i guess u're more like enjoying your freedom there =)
but seriously, nothing beats mom's hot soups/porridge/herbal teas/care when u're sick!