Monday, June 23, 2008

It's times like these...

...that we need to turn to Him more!
Been studying non-stop (with occasional breaks in between) & now when I step into my room and see my desk, I feel like throwing up...
I'm sick of books already...
When will this all end?!

Went to church today, and during Praise & Worship session, I nearly cried while singing this song.
I've been striving so hard to do well in my exams that sometimes I forget His faithfulness to me, leaving Him out of my life & letting Him in during good times!
So, now, I just need to do my best and leave the rest to Him!

After lunch, I got a phone call from a friend whom I had a same class with last year. She asked me tips on exams as she's taking a subject that I took last year. After catching up a little, she asked me if I've seen Emma (another girl in our class) around. Apparently, last year she had cancer...was juz initial stage and she tried calling her last few months but no one picked up. I was quite taken aback actually...never thought that someone you have contact with would have cancer. It's quite unbelievable if you ask me. Made me think of Karen Cheng, whom her husband had cancer and survived it and now living a very fulfilling life with her and kids!! Really makes you think twice on how you wanna spend your lifetime eh?

So, here's the song I wanna share with all my readers! Enjoy! ;)


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prasana@poel said...

Thanks for sharing..very nice song!