Friday, June 27, 2008


After planning to go out for breakfast for ages, Jenn and I finally went out for breakfast today despite our sleeping late the night before. Because we couldn't decide where to have our breakfast, we stopped in front of a restaurant (cum cafe) to check out their menu. We wanted to try something that we couldn't make ourselves so we just walked in and settled down for an Eggs Benedict and a Florentine. We shared half of each. By the time we finished our breakfast, we were sick of eggs. You'll see why. While waiting, we decided to take pictures to capture the moment of having breakfast out during exam period. =P The restaurant had red walls with blue pillars and paintings on the wall. It was a cosy place to have breakfast in the midst of winter (I think).

The restaurant along Rundle Street

Painting on the wall

Another painting on the wall

Us before Jenn's hot chocolate arrived

Jenn's hot chocolate with a marshmallow

Us with our breakfast!
(The only decent picture out of 4 or 5 pics the waitress took =.=)

Eggs benedict
(Pouched eggs covered in a thick sauce on foccacia bread with ham & spinach)

(Toast with scrambled eggs, spinach, mushrooms and a tomato)

Combination of both =)

And we finished them off! o.O

That was the biggest breakfast Jenn and I ever had!! Ahhhh...Now back to studying! =(



prasana@poel said...

wow that looked really yummy and hearty! haahahaha...

Maree said...

u're making me drool..haha!

Lin said...

prasana: tasted yummy and hearty too! but at the end of it, no more eggs pls...*BURP*

maree: LOL really?! =P i wanna see!!

jennifer said...

yeah you know i actually miss the egg benedict!! yum yum. feel like eating it again. hahahaaa

Lin said...

is it?! i feel so jelak after eating that eggs benedict =S the sauce was so rich and the salty. i think it was the butter or something...maybe because u were supposed to eat both sides together and i got the salty side...

Maree said...

haha..kenotla..i paiseh...hehehe!i wana eat oso leh!

Lin said...

haha...b patient la...i go n find the recipe first XP
no guarantee wan ah!