Friday, May 23, 2008

My visual personality

Came across this visual personality thing on my friend's blog...and I gave it a go myself. It's quite accurate I must say!!

Click here to see my visual personality =)

Go check it out and get yours! ;)

Gonna type a proper post after I've submitted my assignments!! Stay tune!



Mockingbird said...

Hi Lin,

How's the weather down at Adelaide now? i heard recently it was hot like 50 degrees Celcius :p

i have a cousin who migrated from Singapore to Adelaide around a year ago.

Wish i have to means to migrate my ass Down Under too :p

Lin said...

oh hey!!!!
oops...kinda "lost" contact with u =P
too busy with assignments n life here =(
the weather's cool now...50 degrees celcius?! nah...the maximum temp now is about 18 and minimum 9 degrees celcius =) not too bad...
really?! y would u wanna migrate here?? i thought sg's good...haha