Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I think I'm jinxed...

...with buses and guys. Now, before you think, "oh, this is another guy problem", no it's not like that.

First, I'll talk about buses. *sigh* Some days when I don't miss the bus and actually reach uni on time, I feel like the heavenly lights is shining down on me; when I miss the bus AND reach uni late, I feel like there's a dark cloud hovering above me, showering its rain down on me. =( It happens everytime!! Everytime I reach the bus stop 5 mins early (and the time is for the 3 bus stops before the bus stop I wait at), I'll either have the bus just coming OR I can wait there for ages and no buses will be in sight! ARGH! This is so frustrating! =S Just today, I reached the bus stop early and I waited and waited and waited, so I thought, "oh well, missed the bus, will just have to wait for the next one which comes in 15 mins' time". After 15 mins, 2 buses that drive along the same route came!! 2!! At the same time! What the...?! Nevermind that, I just got on the bus whichever stopped first and boy I made a BIG mistake! The bus driver drove like a graduate of Driving School from Hell! He drove soooo fast I couldn't even sit properly as my bum kept springing up from my seat due to the swaying of the bus! *sweat* =.=

OK, now to the guy thing. Was listening to this song called "Arms of Mary" and memories flashed back to me. This song was sent to me by a friend I knew in college, M. We were so close, we chatted online, talked about things we wouldn't talk about with others, exchanged songs, asked each other advices on certain stuff etc. He liked this girl, M2, in college and everyone knew it. *fast forward* After he got together with M2, we drifted apart. It was like everything that evolved in this world was her. And I remember him saying to me one day in college, "what if she thinks that there's something between u and me? And there goes my chance of being with her."
I wonder if the reason we drifted apart was what he said to me, or was it simply because he spent most of his time with her. Don't get me wrong though, I never liked him more than a friend. =) Anyway, I wonder how they are now. He hasn't been coming online for more than a year now! Totally lost contact with him...Oh, and why am I jinxed? Cause the 3 guys who used to be my best guy friends, eventually found their significant other and "ditched" me. Wow...*sarcastic tone*

Oh well, life's like that...Just a random thought while listening to that song.


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