Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back in action!!!!

Hello world!!

i know, i haven't been updating my blog lately.
been really really stressed, busy and tired for the past few weeks.
i've got loads to update though...

for now, i'll just update about yesterday.
after my mid-sem trial exam yesterday afternoon, i walked out of the lecture room and onto the streets, feeling so free!!
i wasn't feeling free because my exam was over, i was feeling free because i realised that now i'm in control of what and how i feel.
last year since i knew P in march, every little thing P did influenced how i emotions were like riding on a roller-coaster.
this year, it's different.
my feelings do not depend on P anymore...i'm free to feel anything i feel like feeling! XD
seeing him again last night also make me proud enough to say i'm 100% over him!
he's just another human being on this earth, once was my friend, now not anymore.
that's it! it's as easy as that! ;)
on a brighter note...i'm going to ayers rock and alice springs in a day's time!!!
going with my housemate, jennifer, her cousin and her cousin's friend...LOL
hopefully i'll be enjoying my time there fully!!
kinda excited to come in contact with nature...i feel so deprived of nature in my life...
but i haven't finished my assignment...
updating my blog while waiting for my food to digest a little XP
oh...and there's 1 thing that's been bothering me...
there's this girl from my Human Nutrition class...
she asked me to send her my assignment cause she wanted to see how to do it...
but i refused to because she hadn't even started yet! there's a high probability that she's gonna copy even though i'm not 100% sure.
i felt bad not sending my assignment to her so i offered some help...
and guess what?!
she asked me questions that are already answered on the discussion board AND the slides that our lecturer gave us.
*sigh* so i simply told her that she can go check the discussion board n slides...
but no, i think she already asked me to send my assignment to her 3 times!
dunno if i should send it to her...
the thing is, before i started this assignment i felt clueless but after asking questions on the discussion board and reading the slides my lecturer gave us, i understood the assignment more...
so in my opinion, she should do the same instead of simply asking for other people's assignment =S
m i doing the right thing?
oh yeah!!
i love cooking!!!!
hehehehe~ i just simply love trying out new recipes!
if only i had a fully equipped kitchen...*dreams*
if i see cooking as a chore, i'd probably hate it...
but cooking really fun!!
gonna plan a cookout with my college friends when i get my ass back in summer!! XD
let's cook and bake and eat! can't wait...
it's not even half of the year and i'm thinking about summer already, ish!
woke up this morning feeling a little down...
dunno y...
could it be everyone's at camp while i'm at home rushing my assignment?
i miss my friends already...=S
i'm weird...
i have a love-hate feeling towards avocados.
they are known as the most nutritious fruit by the Guinness World of Records...
so i decided to try them out since it they were on promotion too! (usually it costs $4.98 for EACH avocado but i got 4 for $2.88)
when i cut open the first avocado, discovered that it wasn't ripe yet...didn't know what to do with was hard rock, so i threw it away...*sigh* wasted 1...
after asking my friend how to see if it's ripe, she told me that it's ripe when it's soft...
so having left my avocados on the table a few days, they got too soft and i panicked!
had them with tuna, cheese and ham...hmmm!!
basically, with tuna, the avocado is tasteless...but when eaten alone, i felt like puking!!!!
not too sure if i'll ever gonna buy avocados again XP
but it's the most nutritious fruit! and i'm sorta a health freak...
so proud of myself!!!!
been controlling my finances well...
not buying n spending unnecessarily like buying junk food, eating out too often etc.
since i came back, i've only bought chips ONCE and i took A WEEK to finish that packet.
so happy with myself!! =D
been waking up naturally around 8am every day due to the sunlight shining through my window
not too sure if it's a good thing...
the good thing is i've been trying to sleep before 12 every far i slept after 12 once or twice n that's it!
i feel so healthy...trying to not have naps but lately i feel so tired in the afternoon that results in napping a little =(
omg...this was meant to be a short post and i ended up typing so much!
ok, time to get back to my assignment!!

p/s: Pras, i'd rather u update ur blog like least i know what those random words mean...LOL

p/p/s: before u leave, go check out this disturbing unbelievable!o.O



feifei said...

this is d ee lin dat we noe and love! welcome back 2 2 being happy(with ur horsie laughter...gosh reli miss those) if u reli wanna eat avacadoes on its own, put a little sugar on it.. it taste X10000 nicer. but kinda defeats d purpose of eating it as sugar is NOT healthy.lolz. ohh btw, dun ever send ur assign 2 ppl..u will b liable if she plagiarise.. :S

Lin said...

awwwww~ thanks yin fei!!=)
i miss u too!!!!!!!!
when r u coming to adelaide?=D
i guess i'm slowly adapting back to adelaide i guess...hehe...
i know, that took a hell lot of time to adapt XP
LOL pras said she eats avocados with lemon juice squeezed on it... i'm doing the right thing huh? =S

Anonymous said...

oh! oh! the story came out in the star as well a few days ago!! was dying to tell u about it but gotta keep my sms-es to u short cos i scared kacau u doing assignment.. :(

anyways, i dunno wat to say when i read about it!! i really really DONT!! it's obviously incest to the max yet the way they answered in the interview made the whole thing sound perfectly normal.. what's happening to the world nowadays?? :/


Anonymous said...

i wanted to tell u too!!!! but then i always ended up sending u more than 2 sms's at once adee so it kept slipping my mind...LOL

yeahlo!!! YUCK!!! i was thinking, what would she think when her daughter grows up AND have sex with the husband aka dad...HAHAHAHAHA~ i think that time she would regret getting together with her dad...i know, i'm evil...but if he could do that to her, he could do that to his own daughter/granddaughter i'm confused! ish! what a complicated relationship...and her kids with the ex-husband are fine with it! my gosh!!!!

so geli...having sex with ur own dad...



Maree said...

wow,we really did type our posts the same way!wakaka...and u finally updated!!:)
try not to send ur assignments to ur i did tht a couple of days didnt knw hw 2 say no!i was super duper tired already cz i had a test b4 den after i get back frm uni i started doing my assignment...and my fren juz asked me for it at nite!so easy for her..haiz...
anyways,good to see u back to ur happy gila self.haha!hugs!

Sue said...

hey, finally hearing some happy news from you!!!
by the way, the news is kinda disturbing though....urgh~~~

prasana@poel said...

wow I am so prud of you least you blog a decent blog!!! hahahhaa....hey enjoy urself at alice springs ayers rock....and have a safe journey back! since u like left already and now only i'm like writting,,,ahahaha...yeah COOKOUT in NOV...Iron chef!hahahaha!

P.S That story is sooooooooooooooooooooo disturbing!

gen said...



Lin said...

maree: great minds think alike huh?!?! ;) so funny la!!!! "happy gila self"?! someone who is happy n gila at the same time...LOL

sue: haha..what happy news?! *looks left* *looks right* u finally leave a comment here!!!!!!!

pras: hehehe~ of course u should be proud of me! i'm ur DAD! wait, y do they call "iron chef" anyway?? y iron?? =S cannot be clay leh?

gen: YES!!!!! i'm baaaaaaack!! was back fri afternoon! how ya doing?!