Saturday, March 22, 2008


Every single thing - songs, people on the streets, the colour of the sky, pics of family and friends - u name it, makes me wanna cry.

Even chatting with a friend makes me cry.

First time ever in my life, I wanna cry n cry n cry n cry n cry until the tears in me run dry.
I wanna cry till the sun rises on the horizon the next day.
I wanna cry till every emotion is numbed.
I wanna cry till I never cry ever again in my lifetime.
I wanna cry till my eyes go blind.

I just wanna cry...
I just need a shoulder to lean on n cry,
or to cry in a friend/family member's embrace.

YF, sorry if I scared u...thanks for listening to me, really appreciate it but my tears are flowing again. Damn!! I'll try to be strong...really need to. =)



feifei said...

hey darling!! u diden scare worries bout dat..u're gonna b a psychologist so u hafta b strong..juz think of this as a challenge.. :) miss ya lots!

genieve said...


was talking to my housemate just now.

and i cried too.
but i realized that we have to rely on Him more. because only through our weakest moments, He sharpens us, and prepare us for greater understanding.

God loves you! I love you too!

Don't worry ok? Have a great easter girl!

We can do it!

Lin said...

yf: thanks for listening...really appreciate it...*hugs*

genieve: hah...i thought everyone is enjoying themselves here...yeah, i think u're right, but the process is hard. it's ok...we can do it!! God will give us the strength we need! =)
u have a great easter too!!

Maree said...

hey...stay strong over there ok?cz i knw u'll get over it.and in no tym at all,u'll be back in malaysia again!=) huggies. love u.

jennifer said...

whoaa. since when so emo??? chill!! think about life with me & how fun it is! =D hahaaa.

think happy thoughts. But dont let those happy thoughts bring back longing & memories & then the tears start again -_-

prasana@poel said...

hahaha Jennifer funny lah u.. as EE lin would say...

neways Ee lin hang in there ...all will be fine soon...its just the steep fall of our roller coaster ride life... that ur going thru.. the climb up high will come....