Friday, November 23, 2007


Exams are officially over yesterday...and I thank God that He's always with me during the good times and the bad.

Without Him, I would've just given up...

So, what did I do after my exams?

M2 and I went to get bubble tea straightaway! WOOHOO~

Then we met up with E and L for lunch...was a little full on the pearls in the bubble tea, so ended up eating an original spud with butter, cheese and sour cream!

Came back...I had my nap until 7 something (or was it 8?) Had my "dinner" at 9+ not me.

Anyway, we watched Silence of the Lambs, which is a psychological thriller, and The Ring (japanese version)...Went to bed at 4am =S

Can't believe, on the day I finish my exams, my lifestyle became so unhealthy...oh, not forgetting the part where E and I went down to make something to eat...eating at ungodly hours!!

Gotta pack my things today...hopefully I won't get a headache.

p/s: I'm currently in love with Shayne Ward...<3 *melts in a puddle* XP


jennifer said...

"original spud with butter, cheese and sour cream!"

WHAT IS THIS?!??? Where did you get it from? Sounds so yummy!! Next time bring me to this place to eat this thing! hahaha

Poel said...

woah!!!! u like bubble tea tooooo!!!!!!!!!! yin fei and I love it tooo....which brand do u have there? over here they have easyway and tea etc....and u know what?? when we go home, we dont have to miss the pearl milk tea! there is a place at one-stop that has.. the korean restraunt.yay!

Maree said...

melts in a puddle??

Lin said...

jennifer: O.O u dunno?!?! spud is steamed potato!! they have spuds with different toppings n stuff...yummy! XD my friend introduced spuds to me at the RAS

poel: really?!?! we have at chinatown..dunno the name XP Qubic and bubble.t LOL it's weird how i fell in love with bubble tea here, last time i didn't usually drink bubble tea back home =P

maree: BLEK!! XP