Sunday, September 02, 2007

Saturday Morning

Woke up this morning with the feeling of just plopping down onto bed again and sleep -.-

Suddenly P came to my's been days since I last saw P.

It feels like P does not exist anymore...

Maybe P feels that way towards me as well.

Gotta do some productive stuff today!!

Gotta keep P out of mind =)



Anonymous said...

girl im SO SO SO sorry if i disrupted ur sleep the other night.. i really am! not being a pussy or exaggerating or anything but i was SO SO SO freakin' scared about that bad dream i had ok?? haih~~~~~~ ok, maybe i AM a pussy when it comes to ghosts stuff playing tricks on my mind.. stupid me had a hard time trying to sleep that night.. =S

Lin said...

AIIIYYYYOOOOO!! Silly woman!! It's got nothing to do with u!! I wasn't mad or anything...I was juz too tired =S and there was someone who kept calling my room and hanging up when I answered it...U know damn well that I'll always be there when u need to be a pussy =P hopefully u're able to sleep well now =) *hugs* take care and all the best for ur trial exams!!