Friday, September 28, 2007

I feel like dancing

Just came up after watching So You Think You Can!! I feel like dancing already!! It's true what Leonard said the other day. He said life is too short, learn whatever you wanna learn when you still can. So, dancing will be one of the things I wanna do in life! I'm 19, still young...even my parents started learning ballroom dancing at 50+? See? We're never too old to do anything =)

I wanna dance!! But I'm not an expressive person...I can't move when people are around. Basically, I don't really express my feelings when people are looking. >.< This is really bad...I'm always amazed by dancers, how they can dance like no one's looking with full of energy and vibe! It's just so...WOW!

Oh well, gonna learn ballet when I get back home...hopefully I don't get too distracted in sleeping until I forget about dancing XP

Oh boy, it's late...


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