Sunday, September 16, 2007


This post is an outdated post. Was supposed to post it yesterday but was too occupied...

Anyway, woke up from a nightmare yesterday morning!! =S It was super duper scary!! Nothing about ghosts and ghouls but it was the worst nightmare that I ever had!!

Was back in high school. My friends and I were carrying out some chemistry experiment in the lab. We had our own set of apparatus and because my friend didn't have enough test tubes, I lent her mine. Then the teacher said we had to finish our experiment by that day itself and I haven't because of insufficient test tubes. My friend felt bad so she offered her sandwich to me. I didn't want to accept it because then she wouldn't have anything to eat for lunch. However, after much persuasion, I took it and gave it a bite. It tasted sooooooooooooo yummy!!! When I put down my sandwich after the first bite, the sausages in the sandwich started moving! O.o Half of me thought that there might me something alive in it; half of me didn't wanna think about it because it was so yummy!! I asked my friend why the sausages were moving and she gave me an illogical explanation which I believed. After my second bite, I sensed something extremely wrong so I went to the back of the lab, near where the dustbin was, and threw the sandwich on the floor. O.O Walaueh!! Out came all the white-coloured, fat, juicy worms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SCREAMS* Thank God I haven't swallowed any of the sandwich! I was still chewing on it....I spat out the sandwich as well....EWWWWW~ So freaking gross....*vomits*

I thought my day would go downhill after that. In fact, I was dreading Friday the whole week simply because I had a quiz on that day which I did not finish preparing AND it would be my first time being a backup singer at OCF =P Not that I'm not happy being a backup singer...but I'm!! Never done such things before...=S

Went looking for a GP with E and couldn't find it. well, not exactly, we found the place but we thought we got the wrong place so we went with L, P2 and M. Made an appointment for Monday morning 10:30am. Hopefully by then I don't need to go anymore. Was so hungry after that, so we went for Hungry Jack's!! Yum yum!! I had a cheese Whopper and it was super delicious...haven't had fast food for ages...After gobbling my Whopper, I rushed to uni for human physiology tutorial! *indigestion* hehe~

Now that Friday has come and gone, I'm proud to say that yesterday (Friday) was a pretty good day over all!! Very very content...It's amazing how God made things turned out just so perfectly. Totally out of expectations! My backup partner, P2, is an "old" backup singer...she was really nice in giving me advices and tips on how to sing...So thankful for her =) I really enjoyed myself although was a little nervous...WOOHOO~

Was super duper extremely happy and hyper last night...haven't laughed like that for ages!! Felt so goooooood. Went to bed with a smile on my face XD No dreams, no nightmares last night which is cool! M called me this morning at 10am to have breakfast with her. Now I'm sitting here while listening to my current favourite song Just So You Know XP and Human...lalala~

p/s: All the best to N for her STPM which is just around the corner!! I know you can do it, girl!! I still remember you were the one who motivated me during PMR year. LOL I didn't start studying until I saw you doing all those exercises! =P Miss you loads...*hugs* take care alright, you don't wanna fall sick during your major exam.



Maree said...

i didn't think u'd be sumone who would freak out over something scary...lolz!!haha...yay!u finally gt scared!!it's nt just me!!HAHA!i'm so bad..:P

Anonymous said...

LOL~!! hyeah!! totally agree with Maree!! finally U got scared.. XD
u're always the brave one whenever we go watch horror movies.. if it wasnt for me chickening out, no one would ever realise that it was a horror we were watching!! chiu, made me look chicken[to the power of 1 zillion]!!!


Lin said...

BLEK!!!! XP I can stand anything but not yucky stuff in my mouth ok?!?!? BLEK [to the power of 1 zillion]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so bad la u 2...bully me!! in less than 24 hours, i get the "same" comment from both of u! =.="

Maree said...

muahahahahahahahahah(to the power of infinity)

jennifer said...

hahaha so funny yr nightmare!! made me laugh out loud. out of the blue have such a weird nightmare! heehehe

Lin said...

=.= I didn't know that my nightmares are actually funny....*sweat*