Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not-too-bad day

Woke up, felt like going back to bed but brushed off that thought as I had to wake 2 people up

Called E's room several times, no answer; called M, answered but she wanted to go back to sleep so I had to call her at 10AM to wake her up again; called E again, she wanted to go back to sleep as well and yes, I had to call her at 10AM to wake her up again as well

Went down to get breakfast, decided to eat my breakfast in my room cause no one's downstairs...so lonely =(

While eating breakfast, I checked my e-mail, listened to some romantic and gospel songs, checked out friends' blogs...no updates, checked my uni e-mail, enjoying the breeze that came through my half-opened window.

Called E and M to wake them up, M said thanks and E still sounded sleepy and groggy. Read my Psychology textbook, attempting to answer the practical multiple-choice questions...Eyelids felt heavy and my mind started to wander...

Couldn't take it anymore, set my alarm clock at 12:00PM and went to bed.

Hit the snooze button on my handphone

Woke up reluctantly, went to take a shower.

Went down to have my lunch until 1:10PM

Had my daily serving of tea while chatting with E for a while before she rushed out to catch her bus.

Proceeded to read my Psychology textbook again when 2 people msged me on MSN. So I read and chatted at the same time.

Rushed out to catch the bus to go to the city for Human Physiology lecture which starts at 3PM. Met a friend who was catching the same bus...had a short chat.

Was in time for lecture...didn't feel sleepy at all during that 1 hour, and I'm so proud of myself, could absorb almost everything that's been taught.

Lecture ended early, as I was walking to the X1 bus stop (cause I was still deciding on whether I should get that pair of jeans I tried on yesterday, so I smsed my mom to ask her if it's worth it) when I saw the 104 bus passed me by...*sigh* oh well, shall catch the next bus.

Bumped into L while walking towards the bus stop, ended up having a conversation with her. Found it really great to chat with her as the conversation was meaningful and we got the opportunity to know each other better.

The bus finally came!! The bus was packed so L sat in front of me...we continued talking on the way back home. Realised P was on the bus as well. I don't know what happened, the conversation between L and I touched on the topic of reaching out, and I realised the importance to. Both of us agreed that when it comes to action, it's not easy at all...Through our work, we can also do so. It got me thinking why I wanted to be a psychologist in the first place.

Reached home, woohoo!! P didn't look too happy to see me. Came up to my room straightaway and here I am, typing this post.

Overall, my day wasn't too bad, very relaxing and meaningful, in a way...

Me =)

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