Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another not-too-bad day

Was so proud of myself for sleeping early last night (been sleeping after 1 and 2am for the past few weeks) at around 12am, which wasn't too bad as I needed to wake up before 9am this morning so I'd have slept for more than 8 hours! Woohoo~

Anyway, I'm really happy I had a filling and nutritious breakfast cause breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Yeah! (Excuse my hyper-ness) After finishing my breakfast in 15 mins, I caught the 9:26am bus this morning, realised that P's car was still around and so I thought P took the bus to class.

Didn't feel sleepy in my Psychology lecture at all!! This is totally awesome! This semester isn't as pathetic as the last semester as I have friends to sit with in Psychology lecture...It's great to know that I'm not alone =) and they're really nice people. Been to one of my friends' house last 2 weeks, had a great conversation. That was how we got to know each other more...Z's an early-30s woman who used to teach special kids and now she's studying to change her field or something. Her father died 5 years ago and she shared with me how she became a Christian and so on...According to her, she used to be a really difficult teenager and it's amazing how God touched her.

Enough digressing, will share her story some other time.

Back to my day, yeah...I'm happier this semester. And...I took the bus back home after lecture to have lunch cause I had a 5-hour break in between and I don't really like staying in uni. Reached home, saw that P's car was already gone. Was checking my e-mail while listening to songs when someone knocked on my door. It was E! O.o Oookkkaaayyy...she overslept and missed her class again! *smacks forehead* *shakes head*

Went to have a nap at 12:06pm, asked E to wake me up at lunchtime. After having lunch (lunch was not bad by the way, compared to the usual food) went to E's room to drink my daily serving of tea and we chatted until ermm...3pm??

Our tutor for Rhetoric and Reasoning was on leave for 2 weeks so we had a substitute. She's from Malaysia, which is from where I'm from. I don't know why but suddenly I felt so at home. Surprisingly, I didn't feel sleepy at all during that 4 o'clock class!! Usually I'd sit in my chair and nod off even though the tute group is so small everyone could see! I felt sooooo good!! Felt so productive! After class, I stayed for a group discussion for our group oral presentation.

There are 4 people in my group, including me but 1 guy, Sam, didn't come today. So it was only the 3 of us. We were discussing about our work but halfway through we started talking. Although it seemed like it was a waste of time, I felt that it had broadened my horizon even more. 3 of us, from 3 different countries, with 3 totally different backgrounds, 3 different perspectives on life and!! Sometimes you just think, isn't it amazing how God made each and everyone of us so diffferent, so unique?? *speechless*

This semester I'm opening up more, as in I voice my opinions, I smile to people although they don't smile back etc. I try really hard to organise my life, trying not to do stuff last minute. I hope everything works out...*prays real hard*

Everytime as I step into my room after coming back from class, there'll be a voice inside my head reminding me that I have loads of stuff to do, say NO to temptations! =D Blogging has become a part of my relaxation. I'm typing this post before I start on my work to tell everyone that I'm happy with my day today....everything went smoothly. Managed to pay my tuition fees, which I've been procrastinating for weeks. I just couldn't get myself to print out the invoice and pay at the post office. So yeah, today I did everything I was supposed to do: found my pencil case, got my friends the semester planner and paid my tuition fee. =)

Just a random thought:
Usually people think that old people are difficult, grumpy and cranky but since I came here, maybe it's because I walk on the streets more, I see and meet more people, I realised that the old people here are quite friendly. They greet you and flash you this huge bright smile which reveals their wrinkles on their faces. Hmmm...just today on the bus, I smiled at an old lady and I felt so happy after that! It's true what they say, sometimes smiling just brightens up your day ;)

Then again, I'm afraid to smile at people sometimes, you'll never know what their intentions are. For example just the other day I smiled at this man at the bus stop and he gave me this really cynical smile and winked at me in a very pervertic way. I swear that instant my heart was pounding really hard in my chest!! =S I thought I was about to pass out. I started to be very paranoid. I thought he was gonna harm me or do something evil to me...My goodness! And the phrase "Never talk (in this case, smile) to strangers" came crossing my mind. I believe that people are good at heart but in certain situations, I don't really trust people. People are too evil.

p/s: Was looking through my autograph book a few minutes ago and I came across what my friend wrote for me: Keep your chin up when times are rough...Be of good courage! Do not be afraid to go all out in new things!!! And don't forget to always stay close to God and God will stay close to you. Thanks D!! I guess I haven't been keeping my chin up...


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