Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another eventful day part 1

Well, the reason this post is just the 1st part is because I'm lazy to type it now...I've gotta start on my psychology essay synopsis before I die of Anxiety Disorder!! =S

I was trying to run away from reality, not wanting to work on it because everytime I work on an assignment, I feel like I'm gonna be out of breath any minute.

But what the heck...I gotta come back to reality...

This reminds me of The Cinderella Story, where the "prince" finally met the "princess" at the ball and when it striked midnight, the "princess" said she had to go back and he asked, "back to where?" and she replied, "to reality"

Ahhhhh~ Fairytales...I wanna be a character in least there's always a happy ending =) Hehe...


I'm back to reality.



Maree said...

"...fairy tales don't always have a happy ending...,"sings Fergie in Big Girls Don't Cry.
sometimes,it's up to us to make that happy ending..:) like,if u consider doing ur assignment to be a scene in a fairytale and if u do well in tht assignment,then it'll be a happy ending!
wish ya have endless happy fairytale endings!hugs.

Lin said...

maree!!! it?? but so far all the fairytales i come across have happy endings =S
ermm...characters in fairytales don't do assignments!!! ='(
anyway, thanks for the endless happy fairytale endings! XP
take care *hugs*

Anonymous said...

yeah,i suppose they dont...haha!dun mind me la..juz crap..kekeke

Lin said...

who's this? =S
do i know you?