Monday, October 16, 2006

Food Cravings...

I've been having cravings for certain foods these few days!! Not sure if it's because of PMS, or juz my appetite's getting bigger, OR i have a stomach problem. =S i hope it's not the latter...

Anyway, i may go out with a friend, Eve, this Thursday, and hopefully i can satisfy a few of my food cravings =P I've juz finished my lunch and i'm already feeling hungry, thinking about all the food i wanna eat!

This is the list of foods i WANNA eat!!
  1. McD's new burger
  2. Sushi
  3. Waffle
  4. Hawker Food (Hokkien mee and Laksa)
  5. Hot Dog
  6. Spaghetti
  7. Cake
  8. Anything Cheesy
  9. Anything Soupy
  10. Sweet Corn

Ermm...i juz had something soupy yesterday at Chopper Board in Gurney...and it was YUMMY!! Loved it!! I had Clam Rice Soup...*drools*

Ok, enough about food...Better get back to studying =P


pink positive!! said...

haha...oh my..reading ur blog makes me drooling too~!!...

btw, mc'd introduced a new burger? herm..never knew bout it~!

M said...

tsk thin..faster go eat!i oso wanna eat good sinful penang food!lolz..enjoy eating u,da one wif super low metabolism...hahaha!

Lin Whatever! said...

WHATLA?!!? hahaha~ super low metabolism?! u sure or not?? if i have low metabolism, y am i so thin?? =S