Monday, October 09, 2006

Another quiz about guys....=)

i juz took a Are u addicted to guys? quiz at

Results :

Guy Shy
Sometimes it's not easy dealing with the stresses of trying to have a love life! You may have a ways to go before you get onto easy street in this department, but you can improve your odds right now. Smile at guys. It'll help you relax. A friendly attitude brings the boys around in the same way that moths are attracted to light. Remember, the more positive energy you put out there, the better your results will be. Your confidence level will increase more and more. So, don't be shy, just say hi!

haha~ oh well...*speechless*

reminder to self: finals is in less than a month! JIA YOU!!!!


pink positive!! said...


gambade for ur finals!!!

Lin Whatever! said...

hahaha~ i'm guy-shy what!

thanks!!! love ya loads!!! <3

M said...

CHONG CHOO!!~~~~~~~~~
goodluck for ur finals!
i am bored already =P LOLZ

Lin Whatever! said...

m > bored because of....??? =S