Saturday, September 23, 2006

I don't have a clue about guys.

Haha...out of boredom, i went to and took a Do you know what guys think? quiz. I think I know myself too well...refer to my previous post about how i'm worried about mixing with guys. =D

Get a clue, girl! You act as if you've never interacted with the male species. Granted some are difficult to decode, but rest assured that they're not impossible! In fact, guys are not all that different from you in some respects - they worry about their looks and get nervous around members of the opposite sex. Once you realize how strong the similarities are, you'll be way close to understanding the differences.

p/s: ok, gotta get back to work....later!


queenlyd said...

gah.. i got the same result as u did!

queenlyd said...

i did the test again and chose all the opposite answers (the ones i thought unlikely -_-) .. and ta-da~

Either you grew with all brothers or you're just plain gifted at knowing
how the opposite sex thinks! You know that when he says: "What'd you
do to your hair?" he doesn't really like your new do and that when he
mentions you to his mom he's fallen pretty hard for you. You obviously
tend to really listen to the guy sin your life and pay attention to their've learned to decipher the "male code" - which can be
harder to crack than a bank safe!

Lin Whatever! said...

OMG! haha~ could it be because we've been studying in an all-girl school all this while? =S

Mickell said...

Guys are more predictable than girls. Otherwise women would not be known as one of the great mysteries of the universe :p

Lin Whatever! said...

LOL~ that makes sense too...but i still don't get guys...=D