Wednesday, September 06, 2006

jumbled up

it's been forever since i last updated my blog....

i've been pretty occupied by assignments...emotions...and the arrival of our trial exams!! =S i have a feeling my end is near...i'm feeling sooo lazy mood to even do my IT project!! *sigh*

don't tell me it's PMS...haha~ i hope not...hmmm...could it be the weather? i'm always feeling down when it's raining...dunno y...

nothing interesting has happened lately...well, actually there are...but...oh well, save it for another day when i'm really really in a good mood to type every single detail out.


it's time for me to reflect on my life in college...haha~ although i still have a few months left...

i never thought i'd enjoy college this much...minus the deadlines and stress! maybe it's because i've been studying in an all-girl schol my whole life..ok, mayb not my WHOLE life...but 5 years of my life, because the 6 years before that i was totally ain't pretty =P or maybe because i was pretty much a guy in primary...then as i went to high school, and the only people i mixed every day were girls so i guess it helped me become a lil more feminine. =D

now that i'm in college...i mix with both genders...every day i can see girls and guys mixing together...something i would not see in high school...and yeah...being a teen girl, i tend to have minor crushes on cute guys now and then...haha~

in a blink of an eye, 8 months have passed! juz like that!! i can still remember in january, i was dreading to go to college...cause everyone else was still sleeping soundly in their beds while I had to wake up at 8am every morning! it's juz not fair!! =D not only that, i was kinda worried about how i was gonna mix with guys's like they're not the same species as i

but whad'ya know? it's September already...another 2 months and i'm out of here! i have been waiting so anxiously to get out of Disted because i wanted a new uni, being independent, making new friends, meeting people from around the world and be disciplined.

come to think of it, i kinda enjoyed my college life. i could be my crazy self and all...although some people may find it inappropriate for a girl to laugh so loudly...or act so roughly...bah! whatever!! i don't give a damn anymore...people have no rights to judge me!

oh gosh...this is a pretty long post...and i've been digressing alot!

hehe~ till next time.

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pink positive!! said...'s been long since u last updated ur blog~!

anyway...glad that u enjoyed college as much as i do!!! and dun remind me...time does passed really really quickly~!

just have a great time ahead, enjoy every moment, chereish everyone around you...and yes, u gonna miss it as u grow older~~