Thursday, May 04, 2006

sick =(

*sigh* i'm sick....

3 days ago i woke up having difficulty swallowing my i drank LOADS of water for the past few days, hoping to prevent myself from falling sick...unfortunately, i had a runny 2 days i thought "ok, this is another allergic'll go away real soon" but NO, yesterday my runny nose got head felt heavy by 10pm...i went to bed at 11:30pm, which is sooo early...because usually i sleep at 12am or 1am...

whoa, as i'm typing this entry, my head's pounding and i can't stop sneezing! =((

i hate having runny noses...u know y?? because i look really awful when i have a runny nose...=S
as if loud sneezing is not enough, i have to sound like a trumpet when i blow my nose! well, some ppl may ask me not to blow so loudly...but hey, how does the mucus come out if i don't blow hard enough? =P right?! anyway, i'm not sure if it's stress or health problems...tonnes of pimples are appearing on my face =S (according to experts, pimples appear on ur face when some certain organs are not functioning well)

oh yeah, i'm i gotta sleep early today as well...goodbye.


pink positive!! said...

oh my....get well soon~!!.....ur b'day is just round the corner...i bet u dun wanna spend ur special day feeling sick right?...

so get plenty of rest, drink lots n lots of water...n get well soon~!!

p/s: i know u r loaded with stuffs to do...but hey...don't pressure urself too much yeah~!

Lin Whatever! said...

hey girl! thanks alot for ur concern =))

i'm feeling better already today...laughter is the best medicine...yes it's true...i laughed and my nose stopped 'running' =D

luckily all the assignments are handed in adee...but there's another one coming up...*sigh*