Sunday, May 07, 2006

i'm already 18!

oh my...time really flies...i've turned 18!!!

yesterday (5th of May a.k.a. my birthday), i went to college at 11am till college, my friend gave me a present - a custom-made keychain and a piece of paper, signed by 7 of my friends (prasana, yin fei, shaun, melvin, aaron, daniel and khong) and their birthday wishes written at the was very meaningful =) i had been receiving birthday sms's since 12am on 5th of may...i even received an sms from a friend at 7am in the morning!
decided to postpone the movie marathon my friend and i planned to the day i went home for lunch...after lunch, as usual...i felt so i went to have a nap...woke up before 5pm and went to college again at 5pm...
i felt like a beauty queen on parade when i walked into i was walking up the stairs...ppl were wishing me happy birthday...i had to thank them one by one =P so funny...then when i pushed open the door to the other friends wished me happy birthday...swee en, chun yeong, boon han and shu xian gave me 2 slices of cake (from secret recipe! yum!) and the next thing i know was they (my friends) started to sing the happy birthday song! my goodness...i NEVER EVER experienced that sorta situation in my life...i felt so pai seh...haha...not used to being in the spotlight and all...i actually ran out the classroom =S that's so ungrateful of me =( well, u can't blame me right?! i really didn't know how to react...was extremely touched though =')
after college at 7:30pm, i had a birthday dinner together with my family and my aunt's family... at midlands court restaurant in 1-stop...whoa! the food was great! i stuffed myself sooo full i could explode...haha...nah...juz kidding =D went home and quickly put those 2 slices of cake into the fridge...i ate one of the cakes at night while watching the tv show my mom recorded (cause we went for dinner) the raspberry yogurt cheese cake was yummy!!! *hmmm*
although i had college on my birthday, but nevertheless, my birthday this year is considered the best birthday i ever had!! my friend (yes u, tst) even called all the way from jap 5 mins before my birthday ended to wish me happy birthday!! haha...really sorry ya...i didn't know what to say...i had a hoarse voice and was speechless =P really appreciate it...not bro called from russia before tst did...awww...
too bad i didn't take any pics...i think it's quite a waste...cause pics last forever...oh well...i still can't believe i'm 18...someone please wake me up...see that pic?! i've grown so much over the years! it feels so surreal......


Anonymous said...

yo! BF.. dont u think u've been having too much cakes b4, on n after ur b'day huh?? n stil eating i suppose.. later plus ur size M jeans oso cannot wear d only u know =P

neway.. feel bad dat i couldnt spend ur most becoming-of-age b'day wif u tho =S i was looking forward to dis but sad to say man proposes, god disposes.. haih.. neway.. wish u all d best in life.. never too late for more b'day wishes eh? haha..

p/s : d moment u said "he's not gud enuf for u" pretty much made my mind up for me.. i no longer feel in between now.. so thx a lot.. u know wat im talking about =D


Lin Whatever! said...


wow...this is such a surprise!! another birthday surprise huh?? =P thanks for dropping by...well, actually we could've celebrated together if it wasn't for my cramps...=S that was totally shitty! so sorry...=( but i'll definitely celebrate ur birthday with u! deal?

nah...i don't care about the size of my jeans long as i have yummy cakes to eat!! =D

p/s: haha...really? well, i was juz telling u the glad u don't feel in between anymore.