Tuesday, May 02, 2006

gloomy monday

the sky is so dark outside, i think it's gonna rain any moment now...and i'm indoors, listening to coral sea by jay chou and lara...*sigh* the combination of both makes me quite depressed...

right now, i'm hoping this year would end soon...i hate college =( i hate the ppl (especially guys) and the work loads...it's driving me crazy...there's gonna be a bio test tomorrow on macromolecules and i haven't finished studying...my mind starts to wander whenever i'm on a subtopic which needs alot of thinking and info-processing =S

today's my friend's 18th birthday...and because i have to study for bio test, i couldn't celebrate with her...ARGH! our plans! before may we were planning to celebrate each other's birthday together...now...*sob* *SIGH* and i'm so not looking forward to my birthday this fri...y? because i'm having difficulties on who to celebrate with! 18 is a meaningful age to me...i dunno y...it juz is O.O

have i mentioned that i'm so proud of myself? will blog about y i feel proud of myself after my bio test....

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