Monday, May 01, 2006


i'm starting to hate my life as a student....=(

chem lab report - yet to be editted
annotated biblio - done
study for bio test - shit! haven't started
maths - haven't started
preliminary outline - haven't started

*sigh* i'm off to do maths...hopefully my mind will be more alert...

when will this all end??


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pink positive!! said...

chill...i suffer the same thing too when i'm in college...n now my new sem is gona start...i think i'll be worse than u, cuz i'm taking more subs, n i'm under huge pressure to get at least GPA of 3 n above...(my results last sem ain't good..)

so gurl, let's all be hopeful and everything is gonna be alright~! ^_^

p/s: lin, was tat a comment or an advertistment?...funny la...someone actually advertise in ur blog~!..:p

Lin Whatever! said...


WHAT?! u don't know?! that was SPAM la...haha...