Wednesday, April 26, 2006

not shitty

haha...i used to dread mondays...cause shitty things happen on tests, homework, depressed etc. all on mondays!

yesterday (monday), i was dreading to go to college, because i know shitty things would definitely happen....yesterday, there was supposed to be a chem test and lab practical...luckily everything turned out ok...wasn't great, but ok, at least not shitty....but i kinda got irritated by my chem lecturer who actually scolded us 'idiots' at the top of his lungs! i lost count of how many glassware were broken on that day in the lab =S

then the test was postponed to a day later (today) because my chem lecturer had to 'explain' to us how to do the chem lab report...noticed these - ' ' ?? i still have no idea how to do my chem lab report...oh! the test...i'm not even sure if i can pass >.< for the 1st question, i got only one sub-question correct...sheesh...and i left 12 marks blank because i have NO IDEA what to write...i admit it, i didn't really study that subtopic...=P

i hope this whole week is non-shitty....=D

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