Monday, April 24, 2006

end of break

*sigh* 1 week has come and gone...tomorrow morning i'll have to wake up early for college...

although i admit i didn't do REALLY productuve things, but i think i didn't waste my break, because i actually made full use of my break to spend time (and laughing) with my friends, catch up with sleep, do maths AND study for chem test....which is tomorrow...

however, this week didn't juz fly by...and i'm glad...oh! i forgot one thing...i finished watching a korean drama series with my mom...18-year-old bride! it was entertaining, hilarious AND most importantly, ROMANTIC!!! hehe...i'm so gonna watch it again after my final exam =P did i mention that the main actor is sooooo entau?! *sigh* i think i juz melted =D

i haven't been treating myself well enough lately...sleeping after midnight, not eating according to normal time etc. but fortunately a few days ago, i've been sleeping before 12am =) and usually during holidays i'll drink lesser water because i don't sweat i drink water every one hour...haha...even my urine is clear! HAHAHAHAHA....grossed out yet?

anyway, my aunt's been commenting on my complexion...she says i look 'green'...which isn't a good thing at've decided to : drink more water, eat more fruits and have sufficient sleep! i hope i can do it what college starts again...

this entry is so pointless...

yesterday i had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine, J.
she misread my personal msg (I wanna drift away with u...).
she thought i wrote "I wanna drift away from u..."
she sent me a msg - "how?"
i answered her - "huh?"
she said - "i want too"
well, i didn't know she misread it, so i told her - "haha...sorry, u're not the right person for me to drift away with"

it seems that she hasn't gotten over her bf....and it took me by surprise 'cause i thought she has finally moved on...she said she feels empty without her bf (or ex??)
wow...i never felt empty without anyone...even i don't feel empty without A =))

this was how our conversation went (E's me):
J : let me ask u a question
E : yeah?
J : do u ever wish u had a bf?
E :
J : do u feel jealous seeing ur friends with bfs?
E : no...
J : wow...
E : i believe i'll find mine someday
J : r u not curious how it feels like having one?
E : point rushing into a relationship, unless u really really love that guy and u guys are compatible
J : such a positive attitide!
E : i believe u can too...
J : how do u do that?
E : be content with what u have
J : be's hard la...

i think i bored my 'readers' to death (if i even have) with this boring entry...

oh well, before i sign off...juz wanna tell everyone out there...never feel empty...cause God fills us to the brim with His Great Love...知足常乐,懂得感恩...常常喜乐!

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