Tuesday, April 05, 2005


well, my taekwondo grading was terrible, horrible and VEGETABLE! lol...oops, i'm supposed to be down...oh well...i guess i'm not that upset anymore so...

yesterday left my home at 10:30am to get to my taekwondo grading venue at Jalan Perak. i felt really confident that i would do pretty well despite all the training and my new-found determination...but...=( no, i was SOO nervous my legs were wobbling! can u imagine that!? i lost my balance during the combinations...and i think i might've looked like a child trembling in fear!hope the examiner didn't see that in me...

ok, now the dreaded part - free sparring. we (my partner and i) didn't know that we were supposed to wait for our turn so we started straight away. we were sparring with all our might when an indian black belty told us to stop. so great. *eyes rolling* we stopped and we were whispering to each other on what we should do and what signals we would be giving to each other. so, for the 2nd time, it wasn't as good as the 1st. i was out of ideas on which kicks to use...(they said no physical contact) so we were trying not to have any contact with our partners...and it made it even harder...

oh well, it's over....and i'm glad...=)

speaking of 'over'...here's one of my favourite songs ->It's Over Now - Natasha Thomas

Can you tell me a secret
Then I'll tell you mine
Show me that you still love me
Then I will show real love
ooh baby

What kind of love have you got?
You should be home but you're not
I don't wanna believe that it's over now
I could be wrong but I'm not
And you still think you are hot
I don't wanna believe but it's over now

You are walkin' the wire
Looking for love in between
But you don't have desire
Do you know what I mean?
ooh baby


Is it over now?

[Bridge (2x):]
Wake up you lose my lovin'
Wake up you stop thinkin'
Think twice about the things that you have said and done


It's over now~

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