Wednesday, April 06, 2005

1...2...3...SMILE !! was our form 5 taekwondo members photo taking session (i think my sentence structure is a lil weird...anyway..) and Black B came the earliest...he looked so cute wearing his black jacket sitting all by himself in a corner...(not exactly corner la) playing with his h/p ( i bet he was sms-ing his gf, hmph! ) oh well, i'm over his gf d la...and i don't have jealousy in me anymore...haha...

while we were waiting for our turn to go into the hall, we ( 3 friends of mine and i) were standing not very far away from Black B, and we were having our usual girl on how to get ur crush's attention something like that (2 friends of mine and i were giving another friend of ours tips on how to catch her crush's attention) then i suddenly realised everything we said is actually within Black B's earshot! i wonder if he heard us! *gasps*

while we were lining up (from the shortest to the tallest), i happened to stand NEXT...yes, NEXT to Black B and the other black belts...yeahla...i'm the shortest! but that's not the point...i stole a few glances at cute!!! i was wishing i could stand behind him during the photo shoot la...but i happened to stand at the last bad...=(

p/s : i'm REALLY half over Black B d....cause i know i don't stand a chance, not even the slightest..but looking at him isn't wrong, is it?!

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