Sunday, November 25, 2012

The moment I opened my eyes...

...I thought of someone. =) Hope that someone's having a good day today.

Was on FaceTime yesterday with my brother but as much as I'm amazed with technology, sometimes it brings so much frustrations. The connection kept disconnecting. I was able to hear him but I couldn't make out what he was trying to say. *sigh* It was good to catch up a bit but I had to shout into the microphone because my voice hasn't completely recovered from the cold.

The weather was really cold in the morning...didn't feel like getting out of bed but I know I have to face reality sooner or later. So I forced myself out of those warm covers and made breakfast, all the while still thinking of that someone. Got. To. Stop.

My poster presentation is coming up on Friday! OMG then a week later, I'd have to sit for Stats exam, and then it's holidays! Well, sort of. We have 2 assignments due right after the holidays so...not sure if it's gonna be a real holiday. hmmm...

Alright, abrupt end to a blogpost.


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