Friday, February 13, 2009

I must've bottled up... sadness for a very long time.


I cried in my sleep last night.

Well, the dream was something really stupid: About some white T-shirt I had that ended up with a big green stain on it because my mom forgot to separate the laundry according to colours.

Yeah, stupid right?

I cried because of that.

I knew I was crying because I felt my chest slowly tightened & tears were streaming down my cheeks. Even had a blocked nose after that.

*sigh* I've been suppressing my feelings for far too long that they manifest themselves in my dreams.

Another 6 more days to go & I'd be back in Adelaide. ='(

Yours sadly,


Kryptos said...

had tat experience as well. cried in my dreams ;( but the good thing is, i woke up not recalling wat the dream was :)

cheer up n happy V-day! ;)

Lin said...

hey ST! haven't heard from u for ages =) how have u been? well, i almost always remember my dreams...

thanks, happy V-day to u too! ;)

Kryptos said...

doing fine here. although i'm stuck here in tokyo till summer vacations. enjoy ur remaining hols in pg!

Maree said...

er...i'm laughing at u crying at the dream,ok?not of the real reason why u cried.
hugs!hang in there!

Lin said...

ST: lol...enjoy ur coming summer vacations then! ;)

maree: ha ha...i wish i can always cry in my dreams then i wouldn't feel sad in reality. =(