Saturday, October 25, 2008

That's Me!

Fiddle while Rome burns:
to occupy yourself with unimportant things when there are extremely important things requiring to be done



Anonymous said...

omg your hair grew that long already?? or is that from last time?? mine looks kinda short, still.. :-\

Lin said...

u're gf right?
LOL...that's from last time! XD
if only my hair could grow so fast!

queenlyd said...

wow.. ur hair is so freaking long!
what did you mean it's from last time? lol.

Lin said...

ROTFL what a reaction! XD
Oh, it means that this is not my recent pic. I took this pic last summer =)

sosoYi said...

oic...U really scare me..!!!
ur hair was still short since I saw u during the winter's impossible to grow so long in this short time...haha xD

Lin said...

HAHAHAHAHA~ i could've gotten myself extensions ma. anything is possible nowadays ;)