Friday, October 03, 2008

Have you ever...

...wished that time could just standstill while you're busy finishing your work so that you can use the remaining time to enjoy yourself?!

Well, I fact, a lot lately.

Very melancholic of me...

Again and again, I feel lost in a sea of people with non-black hair.

Here I feel insignificant.

Because they just walk past you as if you were invisible.

Sometimes I imagine myself walking in Adelaide as though I'm the only person that exists. keeps failing.

All I need is a little piece of home.

I think I've mentioned in one of my posts last year that I need people/places that are familiar to me to make me feel at home.

Someone whom I can run to when I just wanna runaway from this chaotic world.

At the same time, I wish time could move faster so that I am able to fly home where I belong though the political side is rather erm...complicated at the moment.

Been drifting away from Him too...need to pray for His empowerment to keep me, His creation, going no matter how tough the going is!

Everything's in a mess right do you do a spiritual spring-cleaning?

OK, just realised that this post is rather depressing.



genieve said...

Ee Lin!

Am I home? well I'm not exactly Penang. LOL.


hang in there. I feel you :)
BE good and I will see you when I bump into you next.

Lin said...

Hey Genieve!

You are if I see u...LOL but I hardly bump into u these days =(

Yeah, miss you too. What ever happened to our "outing"? =S I guess all of us are busy with our own stuff huh?

Oh well, you too, take care till I see u!! ;)

jan said...

ask God about spiritual spring cleaning. He can help you 'clean' out all the dust. Romans 12

do come around and stay over la :-)

Lin said...

hey janice!
thanks...I'll read that up! =)
Will do ;) when everyone's not busy with uni stuff.

raptor_ravenlord said...

well like it or not, ive come to realize that we overseas students must learn to live with 2 'lives'....the one at home n the one overseas, n while ur overseas u shud not try to (or wish to) live like u did at home cuz it juz doesnt work n u'll end up feeling shitty n sorry 4 urself...
im sure u make frens or at least acquaintances over there too, juz dont compare them wif ur buddies at home cuz they're different n u met them under different circumstances...but in their own way, they can empower or at least enrich u too...

btw about the time standstill thing, sumtimes i wish that too....specifically when im sparring wif sum1 n wish dat i can move so fast dat he seems to stand still n let me hit...hahahaha

Stargazer said...

Hello, it's not easy being away from home and struggling with your schoolwork. But it won't always be so hard. So until everything gets better, hang in there!

Lin said...

raptor: well, i kinda knew that since i came here, it's juz that i refused to accept it >.< i guess i juz really needed someone to affirm it. =) thanks!

haha...yeah, u wish! XP

stargazer: hey there, don't think i know u. but thanks, i'm sure it'd get better!! ;)

Mockingbird said...

Spiritual cleansing involves deliverance where a pastor or a church worker lays his hand on you and asks God to deliver you from evil, unclean spirits. Commanding the demon(s) to leave your body.

i'm sure you're not talking about this form of spiritual cleansing right? :p

Lin said...

mockingbird: yes, u're right. NO!! XD

blushstar said...


I guess is just searching for an identity. You want something to identify with, something, or even better, someone, to identify with.

However, being in an unfamiliar land, there's no familiar things or faces around you.

It comes back to ask yourself: who do you identify with? Do you identify with your surroundings, people around you? Who makes you, you?

Of course, family members and friends are people you identify with. But w/o them beside you, what constitutes the core of you?

And that led me on a journey to identify myself with God. I am a child of God, and no one can rob me from that. Christ lives in me, and that is who I am. =D