Monday, June 16, 2008

My dream interpretation

Saw a quiz on Yahoo!7, so I took in since I've been having weird dreams since this year...the following is my dream interpretation. Please do not judge me. LOL
You may struggle to understand your dreams or are closed to the idea that dreams can be helpful. You may be experiencing a stressful period in your life or have some deeper concerns, which may need to be acknowledged. You may be very organised, perhaps mathematical and think in words rather than pictures. You may find that keeping a dream diary will help you spot any patterns in your dreaming and any messages being offered to you. You may have some issues surrounding power or control, perhaps over your boss or closer to home. You may have a sexual desire which you'd like fulfilled.

p/s: don't think i'll ever stop blogging...ROTFL



prasana@poel said...

hahhahah the last line is SUPER hillarious! ee lin ha....hehehehe...lmao! hahah now i can use lmao! coz i know what it is...always thought it was a bad hokkien curse...hehehhe silly me!

Lin said...

now i can also use...cause u're so hilarious!!
funny la u!! XP

Anonymous said...


why am i not surprised??

about the last line...



jk :p

Lin said...

what do u mean?!?!!?!?
HMPH!!!! *blek*