Friday, June 13, 2008


...I've finished reading Shopaholic Ties the Knot!

Well, I wanted to finish it so that I could return it to the library and concentrate on my revision.
Her books are all so entertaining...

The ending of this book was simply romantic!
Not just the ending actually, the way Luke proposed to Becky was romantic too but...

OK, I'll just shut up and show u the ending...
I'm melting to the ground!!

"Becky Bloomwood, I love you."

"I'm Becky Brandon now, remember?"

"There's only one Becky Bloomwood. Never stop being her. Whatever you do. Never stop being Becky Bloomwood."

Tell me, isn't that the most romantic thing a guy could say to his wife?!



Maree said...

u are also outdated!haha..i finished that book ages ago!!XD

Lin said...

last time i had other better things to do than read ma...but now adelaide is so boring all i can do is read on the way to class lo....XP

Maree said...

hehehe!i realli wanna read her latest 1 it's nt the shopaholic series 1 la...forgot the title d...the character has amnesia 1..hehe

Lin said...

oooh...don't know, i know i'll juz go borrow all her books...LOL they have loads of books here. have u read the twilight series??

Maree said...

twilight series?by whom?nice ah?nvr heard b4...hehe

Lin said...

can't believe a "bookworm" like u can be outdated about books as well!!
my friend recommended them to stephanie meyer (forgot how to spell her name...there's a unique way of spelling her's either the stephanie with an "a" or "e"...)
anyway, yeah, u should go borrow her books!
twilight movie is gonna be released end of the year!
can go watch the trailer on youtube! =)