Friday, April 25, 2008


I've been very distracted what I'm not quite sure myself.
Remember my new year resolution for 2008 - not have any crushes this year?
I THINK I'm gonna break it...not too sure YET.
Don't ask me who that is...I'll tell when I'm sure XP

*sigh* kinda sick of assignments...feel like puking (literally) everytime I sit down and read articles. =(



Prissy said...

I told u new year resolutions never work..LOL!

Lin said...

it's not confirmed yet!! so there's a possibility that it would work!!
juz u wait n see! =P

Maree said...

faster confirm!hahaha

Lin said...

adui!!!! be patient la!!!! XP

jennifer said...

eh???? apa ini????!! cepat buat decision dan beritau saya la!

Lin said...

saya sudah ada keputusan...
keputusuan saya ialah it false alarm...LOL

jennifer said...

LMAO!! hahahaa